Everto de Ivalice Redux

central furnace security summary

summary of pertinent information for heist

After the award ceremony for your service at Fogg Hill you meet with a group of high ranking Bart company operatives. They have been investigating the facility and been following the lines of investigation you have requested.

First the general overview of the facility:

Energy is extracted from the Lucavi stones by a device known as the green tap which is housed in the central furnace facility. It is in a large metal and refractory cylinder. The green tap produces a high temperature flame which sits immediately below a heat exchanger where water is boiled. Above the heat exchanger is a smoke stack which is a remnant from when the facility burned peat to produce steam.

At the bottom of the cylinder there is an old tunnel which is sealed using a barrier which is reinforced by the Lucavi stones energy. This barrier is made of old bricks which should be easy to break though after the green tap is disabled, but cannot be penetrated before. The level of the tunnel is between the high and low tide level and was used so that the tides would wash fly ash out to sea. If the operation takes place at low tide, this tunnel should provide an easy escape route.

All doors into the cylinder where the green tap is kept are sealed using the energy from the stones. These doors appear to only be able to be opened by Geoffrey himself using an unknown mechanism.

It appears that the only way in while the stones are active is to climb down the stack and though air vents in the heat exchanger. Normally the heat exchanger would be boiling hot, but there is a way around this as mentioned later.

There is however one catch which makes this operation much more difficult. You are shown a top secret document labelled “Lucavi safety report” it outlines an additional secret defense mechanism which has been added to the facility to prevent the Lucavi from possessing people and getting them to leave with the stones. The heat exchanger is actually held together by Lucavi energy. If even one of the stones is removed than seals will fail and a massive blast of high pressure steam will fill the cylinder and would surely kill everyone inside.

The only way to prevent this scenario is to release the steam from outside of the cylinder. This could be done by planting a magical explosive under the main regulator. The problem here is that it would cause a massive blast of steam which would kill hundreds to thousands of civilians in the surrounding area unless they were somehow evacuated. One upside of releasing the steam from the outside is that the heat exchanger should be cool by the time you climb down the stack.

-The Bart company can provide a climbing team to get you to the top of the stack. but will not go any further with you.

-They can also provide the explosive device (activated remotely), but it is up to you figure out how to get it planted, although they can give you contact info for the guards.

-It is up to you to figure out what to do about the civilians.

-The operatives highly recommend that you climb the stack before the steam blast is set off, the area will most likely be swarmed with city guards after the blast. Additionally they point out that the Lucavi may still be dangerous so they suggest that you all three go down the stack.

- The exit to the fly ash tunnel is near a cabin in the swamp, you can stay there for the night and will be picked up by a smuggling ship captained by Xaxier Bunaza the next day. Xavier does not know exactly what you will be carrying, but he does know it is highly secret and important.

In addition they give you info related to specific questions you raised at the previous meeting:

names of contractors:

they provide this for all contractors who modified the facility other than the green tap. Everyone who worked directly on the green tap except for Geoffrey is dead, some died under suspicious circumstances.

guards hangout/contacts: they give this to you. remember the guards cannot access the green tap themselves.

what the stones look like: they can provide this in great detail, each stone has a small symbol on the back identifying it.

Geoffrey info: Geoffrey was unknown before inventing the green tap, and the Bart company can find no record of his existence before this time.

connections with Charles: there appears to be no connection in fact Geoffrey and Charles don’t even seem to like each other.

list of people possessed by Lucavi: Narcissa can give you this list, ask Shanelle she played in the last game.

more on Oni: they give you more intelligence confirming what you already know that these are not like the real Oni. Importantly it seems that the Oni left behind no evidence that they were grown during the battle of Fogg Hlll, you appear to be the only people who know this.



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