Everto de Ivalice Redux

old magic

power boosts granted by the magic of the Lucavi

The Lucavi grant these powers to each of the players:

Rachel: spontaneous casting- can add one spell to her list which can be any one in the book, can be done instantly, even in combat. New spell remains in list indefinitely . Can be changed after 3 days. The Lucavi give her only 1 spell slot of this type, costs one fate point to add/change. Note that these also can include the ‘rituals of night’ Orc spells. These represent old spells which have been forgotten (there are NO Orcs in this world, nor have there ever been).

Cynthia: elemental immunity- can choose one immunity, which is active for 3 days, can be activated instantly, even in combat. Lasts for 3 days and cannot be switched during that period. Costs 1 fate point
fire- able to breathe in smoke and immune to heat up to the temperature of the surface of the sun,
water- able to breathe under water indefinitely, immune to high pressure of deep oceans.
ice- can survive any low temperature- all the way down to absolute zero, tissue will not freeze.
earth- cannot catch any disease, unaffected by most poisons and wounds will not become infected, can get sustenance from rotten food without becoming sick.

Bloom: song of the ancients- can sing this song to any animal and can control that animal for 3 days, only one animal can be controlled at a time. Cannot be used for 3 days after original use, even if the animal is killed. Can see though the creatures eyes, hear what the creature hears etc…. Activated instantly, but the animal must be able to hear Bloom sing.

Sebasitain: line of site teleportation- can teleport to anywhere he can see within 100 yards, may be used twice within a 24 hour period. Both recharge 24 hours from when the first is used (note this could technically be cheated to get 3 in rapid succession if done carefully). Works instantaneously, cannot be used to teleport into a region already occupied by solid matter. Can be used to escape restraints as long as desired destination can be seen. Can carry up to 50 lbs of personal items with him. Note that this power has no effect on momentum, if Sebasitan teleports while moving at 60 mph he will move location, but will still be moving at 60 mph in the same direction as before.

Either Rachel or Cynthia can use their powers at Lucavi (the location) without having to spend a fate point, all other rules are the same if the powers are used there. This will allow them to ‘test’ their powers during the chapter break. Note: Lucavi is 2 days journey from a main road. Blooms and Sebastian powers do not expend fate points so there is no effect from being at Lucavi.



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