Everto de Ivalice Redux

Outlands elementals

the powers which Aeslan is given

In the cave where you meet AngusSerpentarius, Aeslan meets a being which tells him that it is an outlands elemental. It tells Aeslan that it was trapped here, but Aeslan should be able to carrry it with him. The elemental known as kronn tells him that in return he will endow Aeslan the power to control various of the outlands elements, a set of elements from a different plane of existence.

Aeslan can choose one of these and can change up to once every 24 hours, much like Cynthias ability (after the time window change can be doen instantaneously). He can control each of these within a 100 ft radius of himself and can change the way he uses the ability every turn. The effect can be any over any area within this sphere including the whole 100 ft sphere. There is no limit to how much these abuilities can be used.

quench- nothing can burn within the range of this effect, and any fire coming into its range will go out. Flammible substances such as wood will simply melt and eventually boil. Note that this does not protect the area from other effects of heat (humans can still get burns normally) or smoke, but can be used to extinguish a large fire. Sparks can still be made within this effect, but they cannot ignite a fire.

crystalize- water within the range of this effect becomes ice, it is at the same initial temperature as the water it was made from, but has the same material properties as ice at -5 C. This effect does not work on water within a living thing, but does effect all other water. This ice can be melted only by being heated above 1000 C, and boils at 1500 C. Once the ice leaves the range of the effect it instantly melts back to normal water, unless it is below freezing, then it remains ice. If Aeslan so chooses, the water can be made to foam up into snow instead, the snow follows the same rules.. Note that if used cleverly in conjuntion with normal abuilities to communicate with water elementals the ice can be used to make a structure.

darkness- Aeslan can cloak any sub area in an impenetrable darkness. Note that this is more powerful than the spell because the darkness can be made into complex shapes and be changed every round.

light- opaque substances under this effect become partially transparent and can easily be seen though. This can be used for example to reveal what is inside of a building or under somones cloathes. Unlike crystalize, this abuility can effect living tissue including humans, enabaling others to see their bones, internal organs, stomach contents etc… Depending on the circumstances, this particluar example may make some who see it make steel roles.



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