Everto de Ivalice Redux

Second session summary

summary of events in second session

setting: spring court and Goug Machine City

Main Story:

After killing the ‘Oni’ met with Alistair and a scholar. The scholar pointed out that the Oni was not like the real historical Oni, which were driven to extinction 100 years ago, but like ones from the ‘Oni Chronicles’ a popular work of fiction in Ivalice. Alsitair asked the party to help him to investigate and keep this under wraps until they can figure out what is going on.

He suggested that the party go to Goug Machine City to meet with the Vizier who is the leader of an ancient race of spiders who live near the city. He is also trying to arrange a meeting between the party and the Lucavi.

The party notices anti-Nihonese sentiment in Lessallia, and very strong sentiments in Goug. There have been reports in Goug of attacks by Oni on civilians in both the city and surrounding villages. There are also reports of attacks by spiders and mounting anti-spider sentiment.

The party also infiltrated a rally of the Ivalician Patriots. To do this Rachel and Cynthia had to give speeches at the rally. The party magnaged to get invited to an after party for the rally and ask if anyone knew about the source of the Oni, they appeared not to.

Personal Stories:


Sent on a special assignment to keep thigns calm in Lesallia, did not go with the party to Goug.


Avoided going through the crossing on the way to Goug.


Met Alanzo in his room and was told to leave, he is still very angry with her. Discovered that Ezekiel is having her followed. Got information from Ivalivian Patriots which may be useful for the Sons of Omdalia.


Got a message from Julianna that she had killed her brother in a duel, and that she is coming to Goug in 3 days to fight her.



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