Everto de Ivalice Redux

session 3 summary

Main Story:

The session started with a meeting with the Vizxyr, who told the party a theory that the “Oni” and false spiders were made using a kind of ancient magic called ‘flesh sculpting’. Didn’t know much about this but showed a tapastry of a creature being grown from a plant under water. Her theory was that someone must have learned about how to do this magic from ancient ruins. She gave the party an ancient map to aid in locating the source.

The party noticed that there was a location on the map called ‘Lucvi’.

The party next went back to Lesallia, where Cynthia attempted to assassinate Charles Orlandu. Her fight with him was strange for several reasons, for one he was quite drunk when the battle began but became suddenly sober. He also did not seem to have any pain from the wounds he had suffered. Charles cast a spell which caused a cloud of black smoke to form and ran awy, which is odd because he should not have the gift.

The next day Charles claimed that someone had attacked him from behind, his wounds were not where Cynthia stabbed him, but on his back instead. Rachel attempted to aura read him, felt an intense sense of evil and collapsed. He seemed to not even notice her attempt.

The next day there was an eclipse and the party saved a group of Nihonese cornered by rioters.

The party than went to a village while the sun was still out, there the villagers wanted to question a woman they referred to as the ‘wyrd lady’ . The party had the situation under control until some villagers brought the wyrd lady into the tavern, and in the chaos one of them smashed an oil lamp and set the tavern on fire. Rachel blew the wall open with White fire and the party escaped with the wyrd lady aka Samantha Hox.

After the party stayed the night at Samanthas house they continued onward to Lucavi with Samantha in tow.

Lucavi consisted of a circle of 24 trees with stones in front of them with one tree more in the middle, but not exactly in the centre. The tree closer to the centre and 11 of the outer ones are still alive while the rest are dead. From the live trees Rachel hears hundreds of voices when she aura reads the, for the dead ones it is similar, but feels more dead. of the living outer ones, of the 11 live outer ones, 9 sounded like they were suffering.

In one of the outer suffering ones Rachel heard a voice saying ‘is that you, I thought I would never see you again after I gave you up’ and also ‘Narcissa’. The inner tree said ‘’Angus’.

Rachel also saw the ceremony which created the Lucavi with aura reading.

The party than returned to Lesallia, where they met with Narcissa who was delighted at the possibility that Alexander could be brought back. She told Alistair to demand a meeting with the Lucavi for the party.

Samantha is currently being put up in a tavern in Lesallia by Bloom.

Personal stories:

Bloom: Won a musical dual with one of the spiders and was given a spider silk tunic.
Successfully seduced Samantha.
Was disowned by his familly who now give him the name Nar Orlandu, and wrote an epic #1 hit song about it.
Wrote song supporting Cynthia.

Cyntiha: Didn’t show for duel with Julianna and left a note saying she went to Nihon.
Tried to kill Charles.
Saw the posters had been made by age of honour with her picture and the word ‘Coward’ talking about how she ditched the duel and claiming she paid an assassin to kill Charles.
Made her own counter posters which talked about how pointless the dueling is and refuted the claims about assassination.
Alistair liked the poster idea and had them put all over the nation.

Rachel: Thought that she was the daughter of Narcissa based on what the tree said, but now thinks her mom may be Hadar based on aura reading Narcissa. Is not sure either way. Was chastised by Ezekiel for failing to kill Alonso, but convinced him that Alonso should be left alive. Slept with Alonso when she got back to Lesallia.



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