Everto de Ivalice Redux

Session 4 summary

the battle of Fogg Hill

Main Story:

Party first went to meet with the Lucavi in Gaug. The Lucavi told the party that they knew nothing about the Oni and that there was nothing before them. Rachel tried to aura read Geofrey and experienced horrible pain. After the party left, after apparently learning nothing they found three things written on the inside of their clothes. In Cynthia’s clothes it said “we know how to stop the eclipses” in blooms it said " take us to the source and free us and we will help you" and Rachels simply said “Narcissa”.

Next the party went to investigate the old peat mine. The party encountered a group of Oni and killed a different looking one with a red shell. When this happened thousands of Oni awakened from the swamp and peat mine. The party than retreated to Fogg Hill civil defense force base. As soon as the Oni started to rise an eclipse began.

The ensuing effort to evacuate civilians to the nearby abandoned fort at Cragg Hill is known as the battle of Fogg Hill.

As the Oni encroached Rachel launched a massive strike of white fire into the peat marsh devestating a large swath of Oni in the water.The party than took the 1000 CDF troops and divided with the main group defending the crossing at east fork and a splinter group of 200 of the more skilled troops going to rescue civilians from Muddy Bottom. Before the Splinter group, led by Rachel, got to the civilians, 300 of them were killed. These were the only civilian casualties of the battle. Meanwhile the main force held the main Oni attack off at East fork. These units were commanded by Bloom and Cynthia and used burning oil to repel the Oni.

After the unit left Muddy Bottom, they burned the bridges at East Fork and West Fork and retreated to Craig Hill. At Craig Hill the CDF successfully held off the Oni until military forces arrived the next day.

Casualties of the battle are as follows:

Civilians: 300
CDF: 250
Oni: 1250 main battle, unknown number from white fire attack, estimated high hundreds to low thousands.

After the battle the party returned to Gaug. An award ceremony will begin the next session.

Personal stories:
Bloom: Cashed in on fame from battle to insult his family. Wrote some songs to inspire the troops.
Cynthia: Went gambling after the battle and met up with Toshi Vilaro and was told that the Vilaros were considering making her family bannermen, but he would want to meet the rest of her family first.
Rachel: Used her fame from the battle to broker a deal whereby Ezekiel will provide weapons to insurgents who will fight the Ivilician patriots in Gaug in return for support of the return of Zutla to Omdalia. Recurited 7 of the CDF troops from her unit in the battle to lead these insurgents.


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