Everto de Ivalice Redux

session 5 summary

Lucavi stone heist, transformation of Lucavi to Nar' Lucavi

Main Story;

Party ( minus Sebastian) were given awards for heroic actions at Fogg hill. Afterward they were joined by Sebastian and had to convince the Vilaros to hold a safety drill to get civilians to evacuate the area around the great furnace. It took a lot of negotiation, but they finally convinced Geoffrey to evacuate the facility. The party than traveled to Lesallia and as an alibi and left very quickly.

They than got to the top of the tower with the help of a Bart company climbing team. The party lowered themselves down the tower and found the heat exchange manifold was glowing red hot. It was at this time when the Lucavi gave them their powers. With her new found power, Cynthia was able to climb down the glowing manifold, although all clothes except for her mail burned off.

The party than grabbed the stones and escaped via the peat ash tunnel to a cabin in the swamp. In this cabin they were attacked by Geoffrey and killed him after a hard fought battle.

The party to the stones to the location known as Lucavi. When they got there Samantha was waiting for them, and said she had felt like she had to come here but didn’t know why. She asked the party to place the stones under the trees. When they did this Samanthas flesh and bone tore from her body and formed the bodies of 9 people, one for each stone, she healed miraculously during this and appeared to not be in pain.

The people explained that they were the Lucavi, along with the souls of all the people the Lucavi posessed (Nar’ Lucavi) . They also explained that Geoffrey and the other ‘evil’ entities were known as the outsiders. The Lucavi were once humans, but became Lucavi to fight of the outsiders. after a while the Lucavi went mad with power and lonelyness and started to abuse the humans they were supposed to protect.

The Nar’ Lucavi also explained that the two missing ones appeared to have merged into one entity which they called ‘Chimera’. They also explained that the calendar had gone back to being 112 weeks, but there was only one month in mid winter known as ‘Chimera’, there are no other months, the rest of the time is just weeks with no months.

The Cancer Nar’ Lucavi has Alexanders soul and asked to be returned to Narcissa, the rest were allowed to live at Riavonnes where they would share their ancient knowledge with historians in secret.

Personal stories:


Out of gratitude Narcissa told her that she was Alexander and Hadars daughter, and that she had sent Rachel to the Orphanage.


Made sweet love to Xaviar on his ship.



Got her family elevated to bannermen, and embarrassed Julianna at the awards party for Fogg hill.



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