Everto de Ivalice Redux

session 7 summary

discovery of AngusSerpentarius

At a bail hearing for Sebastian it is anounced that he has been granted the ‘writ of self determination’ and will be released to aid in his own defense. If he does not return withing six months he will be assumed to have been absconded and will forfiet all lands and titles.

Alstair than tells the party that the Nar’Lucavi want to talk to them. They continue to the archives which are on an island north of Ivalice. On a row boat alone he tells the party that the Lucavi told them that they have seen in a dream that both Angus and the Serpentarius are still alive. He believes that this is the best hope.

The party go to the lost Islands on the lust devil captained by Xavier and Aeslan finds out from a water spirit where Angus went. After some shenanegans in Camile, the party goes to the island where Angus went. They fiind that Angus has merged with Serpentarius to become AngusSerpentarius. He doesn’t look anythign like Angus anymore. As Serpentarius he tells the party that they need to do the cermony to create more Lucavi, it is the only way to stop the outsiders.



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