Henrik Nar’Larg

leader of the A and M corps


As a bastard from the Larg family, Henrik never got much respect. e always believed that respect should be earned not given at birth. Henrik joined the Ivalician navy at18 and soon was rose to the rank of ship captain. He ran his ship, the ‘Red Prince’ efficently and with a great deal of dicipline. The prince was known as the one ship where any form of corruption was not tolerated.

Unfortunately Henriks hardline approach to corruption was not universally apreciated. After he revealed that a fellow captain was involved in smuggling his ships comission was misteriosly revoked and he was demoted to private. Shortly afterward he resigned in disgust.

Impressed by his leadership skills, one of Hendriks former men recruited him to be a ships captain in the A and M corps, which at the time was floundering business with a major power vacuum in leadership. Hendriks approach to leadership meant that he rose quickly though the ranks of the A and M corps, and soon became the head of the organization. He quickly fired most of the highly corrupt comaneders in the corps and replaced them with naval aquaintences whom he know he could trust.

Henrik Nar’Larg

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