Judge Tomas Bessigros

Judge with radical views


As a young man, Tomas was the apprentice to Judge Darren Vassar. Following the death of his two sons in the War of the Lucavi, Vassar “adpoted” Tomas, taught him everyting he know of the law and treated him as a son. Upon Vassar’s death, Bessigros was hand picked as his successor. In the 10 years that he has surved the court he has been known for delivering swift and harsh punishment to those he finds guilty. He is a very public advocate for the occupation of Zulta.

Tomas particularly advocates that anyone who heald arms agianst the Ivalician invasion of Zulta but was not a member of the Omdalian army should be tried as a terrorist. This view is supported by Richter Goltana but does not have wide spread support.

Judge Tomas Bessigros

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