Nathan Legunov

leader of the Murond revolutionaries


The leader of the Murond revoutionaries. Known as a zealot with absolute and unshakable belief in the Murond church. For him the ends always justify the means.

Officially he is simply a cleric of the church, but it is common knowledge (although never officially proven) that he also leads the revolutionary forces as the silent viper.

He is however a practical man, he knows that his organization would not survive the full wrath of the Ivlaician government. For that reason he avoids making attacks which are too high profile. Nathan knows what he can and cannot attack and is constantly playing politics to keep his organization (mostly) under the radar.

Many politicians actually see him as a stabilizing force which keeps the revolutionaries predictable, and stays away from vested interests of the major politicians.

They believe that it is better to have to cope with a devil you know than to take him out and have to deal with an unknown quantity.

Ever since his encounter with ‘angles’ , Nathans revolutionaries have rejected violence and turned to helping the poor and the downtrodden. They however remain armed and vigilant.

Nathan Legunov

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