Ezekiel Greenglass

Leader of the sons of Omdalia


Ezekiel was born in Zulta right before the Ivalician invasion. His father ran a successful mining operation and organized his own small force to fight the invading forces, which included his mother. Most of this force, including his mother, who fough along with the miners was killed but his father was captured. Because this force was not part of the regualr Omdalian military, Ezekiels father was classified as a terrorist and given a life sentence. He died ten years later in Ivlaician prison.

Ezekiel was sent to an orphanage and never forgave the Ivalicains for this and founded the sons of Omdalia to try to take Zulta back. Ezekiel was raised in the same orphange as Omdalian ambassador Rachel Cohen.

Ezekiel Greenglass

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