Princess Adina Kenderick

the princess


The daughter of the King Angus and Queen Hadar of Ivalice. Adina is the crown princess of Ivalice and is in line to claim the throne upon turning 21 years of age if her father doesn’t not return. Until then, her aunt, as appointed by her father, rules in her stead. Her father held no love for her mother and made no secret of it. Angus only slept with Hadar for purposes of producing a heir and, much to his disppointment, that heir was…a girl.

Adina is currently 18 years of age, and is considered by many to be naive and idealistic. This belief is strongly fueled by the fact that she is a member of the age of honour. Although she has never duelled herself, there have been several duels where others have fought in Aidnas name. These duels have resulted in a couple deaths among the minor nobility.

Princess Adina Kenderick

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