Chapter 1 Rachel Cohen

Ambassador to Ivalice, Mage, The Prodigy, Omdalian, Truth Reaver


Age: 32
Height: 5’2
Lifepaths: City Born, Neophyte Sorcerer, Sorcerer, Court Sorcerer, Rogue Sorcerer, Ambassador

Traits: Extremely Respectful of One’s Better, Spooky, Inscrutable, Noblise Oblige , Gifted, Second Sight, Low Born

I will discover the truth about my past.
It is my duty as ambassador to protect the interest of my people.
I will dismantle Miranda Redhill’s group piece by piece if necessary.
Charles and Geoffrey are unnatural creatures, I will discover if there are other like them and destroy them.

Never let innocents suffer if it can be avoided.
Trust is for fools, aura read everyone.
If someone references low born status in a negative way. Smile tell them to enjoy their night and then cast Delirium Tremens.

Ezekeil Greenglass: 2D forbidden, romantic
Alonzo Goltana: 2D forbidden, romantic

Omdalian court 1D

“The Prodigy” 2D general public
“The Prodigy” 1D infamous any noble court or elite group


Delirium Tremens
Emperor’s Hand
Arcane Kindness
Turn Aside the Blade
Gray Cloak
Eldrictich Shield



Choice, it is such a common thing, but not in my life. I grew up in a poor orphanage in Zulta. The women who ran the orphanage were good women who did the best they could with what little resources they had, but still my schedule, clothing, food, and pretty much everything else was determined by these women not me. The choice to study magic wasn’t even mine. At 17 I was brought into the “Mother’s” office and informed that I would leave to trained in sorcery. I was whisked out the door without even being able say goodbye.

I was half way to the University when Ezekiel, my first friend, my best friend, caught up to our carriage and refused to move out of our path until he could tell me goodbye. That was the first and so far only time he kissed me.

I was told that I was accepted based on stories of my raw talent, but since I would attending free of charge I was expected to be exceptional. Now professors were setting my schedule, telling me what subjects I could and could not learn. The only thing that really changed from the orphanage is that instead of being surrounded by people who truly cared about me I was surround by noble born pricks whose favorite past time was reminding me just how common I was.

My talent only made them hate me more. I mastered in weeks what it took those amateurs years to learn. The capital took notice of my power and began to groom me for a role as ambassador. Omdalia’s might has always lain with its mages, I was to be a reminder to Ivalice that we are not as weak as they presume. Now a secretary sets my schedule and stylists carefully select my garments.

The first choice I ever really made was to learn to be a truth reaver. Once truth reavers, mages capable of peering into another’s mind and glimpsing hidden truths, held great power and influence in Omdalia. People began to fear their power and the reavers where either killed or forced into hiding. I search for a year before I found one, Talia Klein. It was my reason for wanting to learn that compelled her to aid me. All my life I believed that my parents had been killed in the Zulta wars like so many others, but when I was 20 I was sent to deliver aid to town where my orphanage was located. Ivalician extremist attacked while I was there. There were only half a dozen of them, but that is more than enough to kill unarmed women and children. They weren’t counting on me being there. After the battle the Mother pulled me aside told me that the woman who left me there was an Ivalician woman, and she was either a from a wealthy merchant family or she was noble. She said the woman offered her a great sum of money to lie about my parents But after what I had done she did not feel right keeping the truth from me. She didn’t have any other information.

Talia taught a great deal about truth reaving and sorcery in general. I returned to the capital at 23 with a new arsenal spells and secret skill that has proven to be invaluable. I was back on track to be an ambassador, back to having my life dictated to me.

When my assignment to Ivalice came up Zeke told me to get close to Alonzo Goltana and then when the time was right to end him.

I didn’t choose a lot of things in my life. I didn’t choose to have my life stolen from me by some rich Ivalician bitch. I didn’t choose magic, I didn’t choose politics, I didn’t choose to love Zeke or to love Alonzo. But there are some things I did chose. I chose to become a truth reaver, I chose to support Zeke, and I chose to let Alonzo live. Life is better with choice and so help me I will make this world one were I can chose.

Chapter 1 Rachel Cohen

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