Queen Mother Hadar Kenderick

deeply unpopular wife of Angus


King Angus only married Hadar, an Omdaliain noble to produce an heir. Hadar only married King Angus as a power play to become queen of Ivalice. Everyone in both Ivalice and Omdalia knows these two facts, and they have made her almost universally unpopular.

Before Angus left he handed power over to Annalise, and declared that Hadar would be ‘queen mother’ a position with no political power, even though by the rules of succession she would be the ruling queen by default. The people of Ivalice know her by another name ‘nar-queen’ loosely translating to ‘bastard queen’. It is also rumored that the roayal gaurds have a standing order to kill her if she ever tries to claim the throne.

When Angus was king, Hadar was able to get invited to all of the big socail events by virtue of being the spouse of a standing monarch. Now that Angus is gone, Hadars social calendar is pretty empty. She still gets invited to court, mostly because more good natured nobles such as Alistair feel bad for her.


Queen Mother Hadar Kenderick

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