Samantha Hox

wyrd lady, wayward traveler


Known as the wyrd lady, Samantha was always an outcast in her town of blackwood. Her family were the only people in town who practiced the old religion and her personal hygene is lacking. After her mother died she was left in a house by herself. When the eclipses started the townspeople assumed she was involved and started giving her trouble. During the second eclipse she was dragged into the tavern to be questioned but was saved by the party. The tavern caught on fire and the party helped her escape, but Rachel passed out from casting a spell and Samantha sheltered the party at her house for the night.

Bloom seduced her that night. In the morning the party took her with her because she had nowhere to go and she burned her house in blackwood so none of the villagers she despised would take it. She followed the party to Lucavi and came back to Lesallia with them, she is currently being put up in a tavern by Bloom.

Samathas family has the gift but she was never able to use magic, which is somewhat unusual.


Samantha Hox

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