Xaxier Bunaza

Eldest Son of Annalise, Captain of the Lusty Devil


The lusty devil played a key role in trasporting the earlier band of evalician heros during the Lucavi War. When Xavier’s great uncle presented him with the ship for his 21st birthday he was overjoyed. His mother was less so, she had always invisioned him taking over the family business in Gaug machine city.

Xavier however has become a very successful sea captain, after an extensive retrofit to the devil, allowing it to be powered by steam as well as sail. Xavier has run shipments of goods all over the world, but mostly operates out of Gaug and the lost Isles. Xavier has an intircate network of business connections within the Ivalicain noble court. He has a particluarly strong business relationship with Alistair Metaxas who is also his principle investor and paid for the retrofit.

Xaxier Bunaza

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