Everto de Ivalice Redux

post events for first session
events that we did not have time to discuss

As I mentioned, after the fight Alistair reveled that this “Oni” appeared to not be like the real historical Oni, but like the ones from a popular work of fiction, the “Oni Cronicles” I didn’t really explain how this happened though.

When Alistair arrives he sees the dead “Oni” and gets a servent to fetch a Nihonese scholar he knows. The scholar examines the body and shows that it is like an Oni from the “Oni Chronicles”, not like the real Oni which were driven to extinction over 100 years ago. The Oni Chronicles is a popular work of fiction which is read mos comonly in Ivalice, although it is a work of fiction it is written as a historical account and many undecuated people think that it is actually true.

The scholar compares this book to Nihonese millitary records, and bases his conclusions on several facts:

1) The “Oni” lookes exactly like one pictured in the Oni Chrincles, but does not match the sketches in the records.

2) The Oni breathed through holes in their sides, like insects do. Thsi creature however has lungs ( he has a preserved sample of an Oni breathing organ to show you for comparison)

3) If you mention that it spoke to you, he will tell you that the historical Oni were never able to speak. Unlike the ones in the book which did.

After this, Alistair suggests that this should be kept quit until you figure out what is going on, and offers to sponsor you (the party) to go figure this out.

We will start the second session here, you will have a chance to ask both Alistiar and the scholar any questions you want…

First session summary
what happened in the first session

Setting: Spring Court

Main Story:

On the third day of Spring Court the sun was blacked out. No one could figure out the cause. From the parties own knowledge and from talking from powerful mages you managed to pretty much eliminate conventional magic as a cause. While waiting to meet with Alistair you encountered an insectoid creature which said on loop: “We are the Oni of Nihon we have blacked out the son, we are many, we will never stop”. You killed it.


Eilidh: Confronted Geofrey about technology, he blew her off and pretended not to know her. Acted generally angry about the world during the eclipse. Earned some money for musical performance.

Fate: 1
Persona: 1

Bloom: Earned a lot of money for musical performance. Caught the eye of Nikolas Metaxes.

Fate: 1

Rachel: Tried to learn about past, learned about 3 possible orignins, including Hadar, ruled one out. Made Alonzo jealous.

Fate: 1
Persona: 1

Cynthia: Earned money gambleing. Made Julianna look bad.

Fate: 0
Persona: 1

We start this Friday!

Hi All, I don’t know if anyone actually reads these posts, but we will be starting the game on Friday. If you don’t have your charactor all the way done that is ok, we will star the session by finishing everyones charactor sheet and going over basic game mechaincs etc… including some custom modfications I have made. Don’t worry, I will keep it pretty simple, I think most of us care more about the story than rules anyway.

Added more characters

I have added more charaters, this still isn’t the full set of character pages I hope to have up by the time we start. Most of the things I have put in are not set in stone, and if you want to take over one of these charaters as a player (within reason) just ask. Also if you have an idea for how one of your characters could be connected to one of them let me know, if this requires me to change one of these charactors, that would probably be fine, again within reason.

Obsidian portal page being made

Hi guys,

I am still working on the webpage for the campaign, but feel free to explore the (incomplete) page. Mostly what is left to do is to create charactor pages. If you have an NPC who is strongly related to your backstory I will give you the option of writing their charcter page yourself (subject to my approval of course). I will probably not create a charactor page for every noble listed on the family trees, only the important ones. However if you want one to be involved in your story, let me know and I will write one. You are also welcome to choose to be one of these characters if you have a backstory which fits them. I can also add to the family trees if you want to be part of a family but there isn’t a character which works for you.



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