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Obsidian portal page being made

Hi guys,

I am still working on the webpage for the campaign, but feel free to explore the (incomplete) page. Mostly what is left to do is to create charactor pages. If you have an NPC who is strongly related to your backstory I will give you the option of writing their charcter page yourself (subject to my approval of course). I will probably not create a charactor page for every noble listed on the family trees, only the important ones. However if you want one to be involved in your story, let me know and I will write one. You are also welcome to choose to be one of these characters if you have a backstory which fits them. I can also add to the family trees if you want to be part of a family but there isn’t a character which works for you.



Added more characters

I have added more charaters, this still isn’t the full set of character pages I hope to have up by the time we start. Most of the things I have put in are not set in stone, and if you want to take over one of these charaters as a player (within reason) just ask. Also if you have an idea for how one of your characters could be connected to one of them let me know, if this requires me to change one of these charactors, that would probably be fine, again within reason.

We start this Friday!

Hi All, I don’t know if anyone actually reads these posts, but we will be starting the game on Friday. If you don’t have your charactor all the way done that is ok, we will star the session by finishing everyones charactor sheet and going over basic game mechaincs etc… including some custom modfications I have made. Don’t worry, I will keep it pretty simple, I think most of us care more about the story than rules anyway.

First session summary
what happened in the first session

Setting: Spring Court

Main Story:

On the third day of Spring Court the sun was blacked out. No one could figure out the cause. From the parties own knowledge and from talking from powerful mages you managed to pretty much eliminate conventional magic as a cause. While waiting to meet with Alistair you encountered an insectoid creature which said on loop: “We are the Oni of Nihon we have blacked out the son, we are many, we will never stop”. You killed it.


Eilidh: Confronted Geofrey about technology, he blew her off and pretended not to know her. Acted generally angry about the world during the eclipse. Earned some money for musical performance.

Fate: 1
Persona: 1

Bloom: Earned a lot of money for musical performance. Caught the eye of Nikolas Metaxes.

Fate: 1

Rachel: Tried to learn about past, learned about 3 possible orignins, including Hadar, ruled one out. Made Alonzo jealous.

Fate: 1
Persona: 1

Cynthia: Earned money gambleing. Made Julianna look bad.

Fate: 0
Persona: 1

post events for first session
events that we did not have time to discuss

As I mentioned, after the fight Alistair reveled that this “Oni” appeared to not be like the real historical Oni, but like the ones from a popular work of fiction, the “Oni Cronicles” I didn’t really explain how this happened though.

When Alistair arrives he sees the dead “Oni” and gets a servent to fetch a Nihonese scholar he knows. The scholar examines the body and shows that it is like an Oni from the “Oni Chronicles”, not like the real Oni which were driven to extinction over 100 years ago. The Oni Chronicles is a popular work of fiction which is read mos comonly in Ivalice, although it is a work of fiction it is written as a historical account and many undecuated people think that it is actually true.

The scholar compares this book to Nihonese millitary records, and bases his conclusions on several facts:

1) The “Oni” lookes exactly like one pictured in the Oni Chrincles, but does not match the sketches in the records.

2) The Oni breathed through holes in their sides, like insects do. Thsi creature however has lungs ( he has a preserved sample of an Oni breathing organ to show you for comparison)

3) If you mention that it spoke to you, he will tell you that the historical Oni were never able to speak. Unlike the ones in the book which did.

After this, Alistair suggests that this should be kept quit until you figure out what is going on, and offers to sponsor you (the party) to go figure this out.

We will start the second session here, you will have a chance to ask both Alistiar and the scholar any questions you want…

Second session summary
summary of events in second session

setting: spring court and Goug Machine City

Main Story:

After killing the ‘Oni’ met with Alistair and a scholar. The scholar pointed out that the Oni was not like the real historical Oni, which were driven to extinction 100 years ago, but like ones from the ‘Oni Chronicles’ a popular work of fiction in Ivalice. Alsitair asked the party to help him to investigate and keep this under wraps until they can figure out what is going on.

He suggested that the party go to Goug Machine City to meet with the Vizier who is the leader of an ancient race of spiders who live near the city. He is also trying to arrange a meeting between the party and the Lucavi.

The party notices anti-Nihonese sentiment in Lessallia, and very strong sentiments in Goug. There have been reports in Goug of attacks by Oni on civilians in both the city and surrounding villages. There are also reports of attacks by spiders and mounting anti-spider sentiment.

The party also infiltrated a rally of the Ivalician Patriots. To do this Rachel and Cynthia had to give speeches at the rally. The party magnaged to get invited to an after party for the rally and ask if anyone knew about the source of the Oni, they appeared not to.

Personal Stories:


Sent on a special assignment to keep thigns calm in Lesallia, did not go with the party to Goug.


Avoided going through the crossing on the way to Goug.


Met Alanzo in his room and was told to leave, he is still very angry with her. Discovered that Ezekiel is having her followed. Got information from Ivalivian Patriots which may be useful for the Sons of Omdalia.


Got a message from Julianna that she had killed her brother in a duel, and that she is coming to Goug in 3 days to fight her.

session 3 summary

Main Story:

The session started with a meeting with the Vizxyr, who told the party a theory that the “Oni” and false spiders were made using a kind of ancient magic called ‘flesh sculpting’. Didn’t know much about this but showed a tapastry of a creature being grown from a plant under water. Her theory was that someone must have learned about how to do this magic from ancient ruins. She gave the party an ancient map to aid in locating the source.

The party noticed that there was a location on the map called ‘Lucvi’.

The party next went back to Lesallia, where Cynthia attempted to assassinate Charles Orlandu. Her fight with him was strange for several reasons, for one he was quite drunk when the battle began but became suddenly sober. He also did not seem to have any pain from the wounds he had suffered. Charles cast a spell which caused a cloud of black smoke to form and ran awy, which is odd because he should not have the gift.

The next day Charles claimed that someone had attacked him from behind, his wounds were not where Cynthia stabbed him, but on his back instead. Rachel attempted to aura read him, felt an intense sense of evil and collapsed. He seemed to not even notice her attempt.

The next day there was an eclipse and the party saved a group of Nihonese cornered by rioters.

The party than went to a village while the sun was still out, there the villagers wanted to question a woman they referred to as the ‘wyrd lady’ . The party had the situation under control until some villagers brought the wyrd lady into the tavern, and in the chaos one of them smashed an oil lamp and set the tavern on fire. Rachel blew the wall open with White fire and the party escaped with the wyrd lady aka Samantha Hox.

After the party stayed the night at Samanthas house they continued onward to Lucavi with Samantha in tow.

Lucavi consisted of a circle of 24 trees with stones in front of them with one tree more in the middle, but not exactly in the centre. The tree closer to the centre and 11 of the outer ones are still alive while the rest are dead. From the live trees Rachel hears hundreds of voices when she aura reads the, for the dead ones it is similar, but feels more dead. of the living outer ones, of the 11 live outer ones, 9 sounded like they were suffering.

In one of the outer suffering ones Rachel heard a voice saying ‘is that you, I thought I would never see you again after I gave you up’ and also ‘Narcissa’. The inner tree said ‘’Angus’.

Rachel also saw the ceremony which created the Lucavi with aura reading.

The party than returned to Lesallia, where they met with Narcissa who was delighted at the possibility that Alexander could be brought back. She told Alistair to demand a meeting with the Lucavi for the party.

Samantha is currently being put up in a tavern in Lesallia by Bloom.

Personal stories:

Bloom: Won a musical dual with one of the spiders and was given a spider silk tunic.
Successfully seduced Samantha.
Was disowned by his familly who now give him the name Nar Orlandu, and wrote an epic #1 hit song about it.
Wrote song supporting Cynthia.

Cyntiha: Didn’t show for duel with Julianna and left a note saying she went to Nihon.
Tried to kill Charles.
Saw the posters had been made by age of honour with her picture and the word ‘Coward’ talking about how she ditched the duel and claiming she paid an assassin to kill Charles.
Made her own counter posters which talked about how pointless the dueling is and refuted the claims about assassination.
Alistair liked the poster idea and had them put all over the nation.

Rachel: Thought that she was the daughter of Narcissa based on what the tree said, but now thinks her mom may be Hadar based on aura reading Narcissa. Is not sure either way. Was chastised by Ezekiel for failing to kill Alonso, but convinced him that Alonso should be left alive. Slept with Alonso when she got back to Lesallia.

old magic
power boosts granted by the magic of the Lucavi

The Lucavi grant these powers to each of the players:

Rachel: spontaneous casting- can add one spell to her list which can be any one in the book, can be done instantly, even in combat. New spell remains in list indefinitely . Can be changed after 3 days. The Lucavi give her only 1 spell slot of this type, costs one fate point to add/change. Note that these also can include the ‘rituals of night’ Orc spells. These represent old spells which have been forgotten (there are NO Orcs in this world, nor have there ever been).

Cynthia: elemental immunity- can choose one immunity, which is active for 3 days, can be activated instantly, even in combat. Lasts for 3 days and cannot be switched during that period. Costs 1 fate point
fire- able to breathe in smoke and immune to heat up to the temperature of the surface of the sun,
water- able to breathe under water indefinitely, immune to high pressure of deep oceans.
ice- can survive any low temperature- all the way down to absolute zero, tissue will not freeze.
earth- cannot catch any disease, unaffected by most poisons and wounds will not become infected, can get sustenance from rotten food without becoming sick.

Bloom: song of the ancients- can sing this song to any animal and can control that animal for 3 days, only one animal can be controlled at a time. Cannot be used for 3 days after original use, even if the animal is killed. Can see though the creatures eyes, hear what the creature hears etc…. Activated instantly, but the animal must be able to hear Bloom sing.

Sebasitain: line of site teleportation- can teleport to anywhere he can see within 100 yards, may be used twice within a 24 hour period. Both recharge 24 hours from when the first is used (note this could technically be cheated to get 3 in rapid succession if done carefully). Works instantaneously, cannot be used to teleport into a region already occupied by solid matter. Can be used to escape restraints as long as desired destination can be seen. Can carry up to 50 lbs of personal items with him. Note that this power has no effect on momentum, if Sebasitan teleports while moving at 60 mph he will move location, but will still be moving at 60 mph in the same direction as before.

Either Rachel or Cynthia can use their powers at Lucavi (the location) without having to spend a fate point, all other rules are the same if the powers are used there. This will allow them to ‘test’ their powers during the chapter break. Note: Lucavi is 2 days journey from a main road. Blooms and Sebastian powers do not expend fate points so there is no effect from being at Lucavi.

Session 4 summary
the battle of Fogg Hill

Main Story:

Party first went to meet with the Lucavi in Gaug. The Lucavi told the party that they knew nothing about the Oni and that there was nothing before them. Rachel tried to aura read Geofrey and experienced horrible pain. After the party left, after apparently learning nothing they found three things written on the inside of their clothes. In Cynthia’s clothes it said “we know how to stop the eclipses” in blooms it said " take us to the source and free us and we will help you" and Rachels simply said “Narcissa”.

Next the party went to investigate the old peat mine. The party encountered a group of Oni and killed a different looking one with a red shell. When this happened thousands of Oni awakened from the swamp and peat mine. The party than retreated to Fogg Hill civil defense force base. As soon as the Oni started to rise an eclipse began.

The ensuing effort to evacuate civilians to the nearby abandoned fort at Cragg Hill is known as the battle of Fogg Hill.

As the Oni encroached Rachel launched a massive strike of white fire into the peat marsh devestating a large swath of Oni in the water.The party than took the 1000 CDF troops and divided with the main group defending the crossing at east fork and a splinter group of 200 of the more skilled troops going to rescue civilians from Muddy Bottom. Before the Splinter group, led by Rachel, got to the civilians, 300 of them were killed. These were the only civilian casualties of the battle. Meanwhile the main force held the main Oni attack off at East fork. These units were commanded by Bloom and Cynthia and used burning oil to repel the Oni.

After the unit left Muddy Bottom, they burned the bridges at East Fork and West Fork and retreated to Craig Hill. At Craig Hill the CDF successfully held off the Oni until military forces arrived the next day.

Casualties of the battle are as follows:

Civilians: 300
CDF: 250
Oni: 1250 main battle, unknown number from white fire attack, estimated high hundreds to low thousands.

After the battle the party returned to Gaug. An award ceremony will begin the next session.

Personal stories:
Bloom: Cashed in on fame from battle to insult his family. Wrote some songs to inspire the troops.
Cynthia: Went gambling after the battle and met up with Toshi Vilaro and was told that the Vilaros were considering making her family bannermen, but he would want to meet the rest of her family first.
Rachel: Used her fame from the battle to broker a deal whereby Ezekiel will provide weapons to insurgents who will fight the Ivilician patriots in Gaug in return for support of the return of Zutla to Omdalia. Recurited 7 of the CDF troops from her unit in the battle to lead these insurgents.


3 fate 2 perosona
4 fate 2 persona
6 fate 2 persona


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