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  • Goltana

    “The Coin Tells the Tale” House Symbol: The Rearing Black Lion Capitol: Zeltennia Castle Lands: Zeltennia and Zulta [[File:326347 | class=media-item-align-none | goltana.png]]

  • Annikan Goltana

    The youngest child and “black sheep” of the Goltana Family, Annikan had always felt she had soemthing to prove. After several failed endevours, including for a brief period as a squire she felt as though she did not deserve the family name. Now enter …

  • Lord Alanzo Goltana

    The oldest son of Richter Goltana, he is financial manager of the [[Goltana | House Goltana]]. He is a quick-witted, shrood businessman who has helped his father rebuild the countries resources that were ravaged by the war on the Lucavi. Alanzo is …

  • Lord Richter Goltana

    After the [[Rise of King Angus and Lucavi war | war against the Lucavi]], Richter set to slowly rebuilding his country. This proved to be very difficult as his wife Marta was unable to give birth to an heir. In his frustration, Richer began a secret …