great spiders

An ancient race of intellegent, 8 foot tall spiders which lives in the swamps of Lionel. They are lead by Vizagothistyx, who has overseen 30 years of peace with the humans ever since shortly after the end of the Lucavi war.

The salt marshes of Lionel are unsuitable for human development and do not contain any valuable nature resurces in themselves, so humans tend not to bother them. The marshes are quite hazardous for humans, mostly because they are full of quicksand, which the spiders can avoid by climbing from tree to tree.

The spiders on the other hand cannot walk comfortably for long distances on flat ground, and therefore are restricted to living in forested areas.

There is a small area of forest where there are still dense trees, but solid land where humans meet the spiders, most humans who do this are scholars who wish to take advantage of the spider’s greater knowledge of the ancient world.

Despite the fact that the spiders have existed peacefully in the swanps and salt marshes for many years, there are still humans who advocate for their destruction, particularly the Ivalician Patriots who believe that the spiders are constantly plotting to kill the humans, despite a complete and total lack of evidence of any kind.

great spiders

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