Neighbor to the East of Ivalice. After the Lucavi war the power of Ivalice grew tremendously and Ivalice claimed the westernmost Provence of Zulta. Zulta is rich in mineral resources and comprises roughly 1/5 the original nation. Many within the Omdalian government wish to be compensated for the vast wealth which house Golatana has gained from mining these lands.

There is also an active resistance movement in Omdalia to get the border pushed back. This movement, known as the sons of Omdalia often resorts to violent tactics such as raids on mining operations within occupied Zulta.

In Ivalice there is small segment of the population which advocates for the return of Zulta to the Omdalians. The most vocal advocates of the return of this land are Ivlician noble Alistair Metaxis and Omdalian diplomat Rachel Cohen.

Omdalia is composed mostly of flat rolling hills and farmland, at the center of which is the capitol of Orlia. The southern province of Omdalia is known as the Riviera and is popular especially amongst welathy Ivlaician aristocrats. Gran Costa is the provincial capitol and has become a centre for gambling, hedonism, and debauchery like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo.

The northern province of Umbridge is mostly wilderness, with filled with forest and rugged coastline.

To the East of Omdalia is the nation of Nordland, which has a peaceful relationship with Omdalia, and tends to be isolationists, not getting involved in world affairs. To the South East is the deadlands, a massive unclaimed desert which is home to a few nomads, but mostly empty.

As Ivalice grew in power and influence, Omdalia declinded. For the past 20 years Omdalia has been ruled by queen Cathrine Sambal, an effective leader whom circumstances have conspired aganist. Queen Cahterine rules with the advice of the Omdalian high council. Her govenrment is stable, although somewhat unpopular.


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