spring court

The court meets twice a year, for a period of 2 months each, in the spring and fall. This is where most of the political business of Ivalice is decided. The first week of both courts is full of pomp and ceremony. With formal state dinners and other frivalities for the nobles. This first weeks are also where the debates on the most exciting issues take place, with the more tedius work of governance left for the rest of the event.

Court always takes place in the Royal city of Lesalia.

The spring court is also known for the festivites which take place on the grounds near the capitol. In attempts to upstage each other, nobles provide large qaunities of free entertainment and libations to the general public. This is like Guy Fawks day, Woodstock, and Mardi Gras all thrown into one.

House Vilaro is known for being the most generous and elaborate in their festivities, this is to make up for the fact that many still view them as outsiders. There festivities always have a Nihonese theme.

House Metaxes also always makes a strong showing, with Alistair usually taking center stage. The demonstrations by the top Riovanes students is always a crowd favourite, as well as the generous amounts of wine from the wineries which they run.

Suprisingly, house Goltana usually actually has a pretty weak showing, in spite of being the richest house. There festivites usually featture unimaginatively thrown together acts featuring B-list singers. They are also known for the realtively low quaity of their ale. This poor showing has earned them a reputaion as stuck up aristocrats who don’t care about the commoners.

spring court

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