vilaro_pic2.pngHouse Symbol: The Coiled Viper

Capitol: Lionel Castle

Lands: Lionel

History: Thirty-two years ago the founder of House Vilaro, Kyto, was assassianated in his palace. His wife, Christina was brutally killed in what many beleive was an attempted invasion by the forces of the previous King of Ivalice, Hyral. In fear for their lives, Christina’s brother and sister, sent their childern, Ichiro, Kengi, Sachiko, Toshi and Asami to live in Nihon with their father’s uncle. 15 years later, the new King of Ivalice, Angus Kenderick, granted to the eldest son Ichiro the rights and land that had once belonged to Ichiro’s father. Over time, Ichiro and his siblings have re-build Lionel and it has thrived under their rule. The Kruger Family, lead by Averill, whose father Tyco was also murdered when he was a young boy has become the bannermen of House Vilaro


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