Welcome to Ivalice, 30 years ago a small group of Ivalician heros managed to defeat a group of demons known as the Lucavi. These events known as the Lucavi war completely reshaped the power structure of the nation, and led to the appointment of a new king, Angus Kendarick, who ruled for 25 years, but left 5 years ago for unknown reasons.

Since the Lucavi war, Ivalive has seen unprecidented prosperity. Angus left the country in the capable hands of his sister, Annalise Kenderic, so his leaving has not slowed this down.

There are still issues of course. Ivalce has occupied the westernmost province of its neighbor, Omdalia. This has lead to some fierce political debate and occasional bloodshed. The Murond Galabados revolutionaries try to restore the church to the power the power heald before the Lucavi war. A rice famine in the island nation of Nihon has lead to unprecidented imigration, to the dismay of some. There is also the ever present jostling of various nobles for power, which can very often turn ugly and sometimes violent. There have also been a couple strange solar eclipses recently.

We start the story at the beginning of spring court. For the nobles the first week of spring court is a time to show off their wealth and power, with elaborate state dinners and grand festivities. For the commoners this week is like woodstalk, Guy Fawks day, and Mardi Gras all rolled into one. The nobles constantly attempt to outdo each other with grand specticles giving large quantities of free entertainment and libations to the public.

This is the summer of Ivalice, but fall must surely come eventually…

Everto de Ivalice Redux

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