Everto de Ivalice Redux

Rachel and Cynthia side story

encounter with the murond revolutionaries

Over the chapter break Rachel aura reads Nathan and sees that he has seen an angel which told him to go fourth and destroy. When they attempt to investigate they find that Nathan is on a retreat in the mountains. To try to figure out the exact location they get close to the murond revolutionaries. The base of the revolutionaries is one of the last remaining murond churches.

The deacon of this church is robbed by a whore who he is trying to get services from and so himself and two of his footsoldiers try to drag her out and kill her. Rachel and Cynthia see this and stop it. They convince the deacon that they are agents of the murond god and that he should tell them where Nathan is. They then kill him.

Later that night the revolutionaries are burning all of the town whorehouses in revenge for the killing of the deacon. Cynthia uses her immunity to fire to convince the revolutionaries that she is an angel, and orders them to stop and give their possessions to the poor.

Cynthia and Rachel then set out to find Nathan. The vice deacon asks to join them on this quest. They attempt to use the same trick on the guards for the church which Nathan is in, but it does not work. They than fight the ‘angel’ Altair who is actually an outsider. They convince both Nathan and the vice deacon that they are angels and that Altair is an outsider. They then tell Nathan to cease the violence, but remain armed and vigilant for more outsiders.



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