Everto de Ivalice Redux

session 6 summary

return and death of 'king Angus'

Rachel accidentally summons Chimera, a creature which is made from the fusion of the last two Lucavi and has the heads of the 24 Lucavi (note no Serpentarius). Chimera appears visbly above the city and asks for the party to find followers for Chimera as tribute. The party than dreams about how to build a massive temple to Chimera out of salt in some salt flats in the deadlands. These dreams also show the location of a nearby oasis.

There was a terrorist attack in a mine in Zulta which the some suspect that the Omdalian govrnment was behind. Fall court is filled with tension over the issue. All reports that the party can find from the incedent are heavily redacted, including the author. Eventually someone arrives claiming to be king Angus, he looks exactly like him and has all of his memories. He beigns a speech showing an un-redacted copy of the report on the attack and says there is proof that the Omdlaian government was involved.

At this point Rachel aura reads him and signals the rest of the party that she suspects that he is an outsider. Sebastian drews his weapon and points it at ‘Angus’. At this point a guard fires on Sebasitian with an arrow. he teleports and the arrow kills a noble. He teleports next to ‘Angus’ and fires upon him, friing a bullet though his chest. At this point the hall has broken into complete chaos and Sebastian is teporarily restrained by gaurds. Sebastians men are fighting the guards. Aeslan than uses his spirit abuilities to make ‘Angus’ look demonic and Bloom calls upon a raven to cry out ‘all hail the demon king’.

Rachel uses binding to make it so ‘Angus’ cannot get out the back door. Aeslin meanwhile yells that the ‘king is hurt’ and that he can help him. Cynthia tries to get the cowd out and work her way to the front. Rachel also uses spells to make ‘Angus’ look like a demon. A guard than breaks though the door from the other side with an axe and delrium tremons appears thought the room. Sebastian manages to break free enough to teleport to the outside hallway after telling his men to open fire on the guards, and is dispatched by ‘Angus’ with white fire.

Aeslin persures ‘Angus’ and hits him. A cloud of smoke than appears obscuring ‘Angus’, but Aeslin uses witch flight to get in front of him. ‘Angus’ than runs into Aeslins sword and Rachel breaks though and hits him with white fire. ‘Angus’ at this point appears to dia in the way a normal human will. There will be a trial for Sebastian as he is the only one in the party who visibly attacked ‘Angus’…. The remaining guard who witnessed the events in the back hallway did tell his story, but has since disapppeared.



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